In Loving Memory

Celebrating Sophia 2011 – 2018

We first saw Sophia on a cold winter night, as the volunteers of the shelter in Treviso had finally freed the Italian Jewels after a long hard struggle. There seemed an endless flood of photos of these beautiful but terribly thin and distressed Spinoni. Sophia was immediately recognisable with her white coat, sweet expression and lovely… Continue reading Celebrating Sophia 2011 – 2018

Spinone rescue news

Fundraising for a new Spinone rescue

Our latest fundraising push is to help our Italian rescue colleagues support a large & complicated rescue currently underway in Italy. The Spinoni in question need better temporary accommodation and health care as well as specialist behavioural support, as several have had little or no human interaction and are terrified of their own shadows. We… Continue reading Fundraising for a new Spinone rescue

rehoming stories

Rehoming stories: The Italian Jewels

The Italian Jewels are a group of Spinone rescued from an abusive situation by the tenacious hard work of the ENPA Refuge in Treviso, Italy.  These 22 dogs, many of which were very traumatised, now have wonderful experienced homes in the UK and the Netherlands. A long and emotional journey for everyone involved, there will… Continue reading Rehoming stories: The Italian Jewels