Unregistered Spinoni, mixes and more

The majority of the dogs that we help are registered Spinoni, but not all. In the case of unregistered dogs, we can never be totally certain of their origin. We ask potential adopters to understand that it is impossible to be completely sure that the dog is in fact part Spinone.

Unregistered Spinoni
These are often found in Italy, perhaps with a dash of other breeds such as GWP or Bracco Italiano in them. Here are some unregistered Spinoni that we’ve helped.

Spinone Mixes
If we feel we have a good chance of helping them, we also help Spinone mixes. In the case of these mixes and indeed any unregistered dog, it is a case of assessing each individual by the dog’s appearance and behaviour. We give the clearest assessment we can on the available information.

We have homed many wonderful Spinone mixes from an astonishing variety of crosses. Some were known, some were clear, and some will always be bit of a mystery. For those wanting to rehome a mix, we always recommend research and experience with the other breed also, where it is clear or known.
Here are a few of them, every one unique and beautiful.

Dogs that were not Spinone mixes
We do our best but mistakes can be made. Here are examples of adopted dogs from SOFA that we thought were Spinone mixes but proved to have no Spinone blood at all or, in Rocky’s case, to be a registered Briquet Griffon Vendeen. They are all just beautiful dogs 🙂

Bonded pairs
Occasionally we have helped with bonded pairs where one is a different breed completely. Spina the Spinone and Hollie the Cocker Spaniel were inseparable after their long ordeal of neglect, and live happily together in the UK.

And who could forget Harry and Bambolo? Bambolo was a Spinone mix who was rehomed from the same shelter and at the same time as the Italian Jewels in 2015. All his photos featured his inseparable friend, little Labrador mix Harry, so nobody wanted to leave him behind. Both from a traumatic past, the shelter felt that they would benefit from being homed separately.
Both dogs have been lucky enough to have adopters of infinite patience who have helped them progress enormously. Although they may never completely escape their troubled past, they have found happiness in their new lives full of love

Working with other breeds and groups
It is sometimes difficult to decide where to draw the line, when it is impossible to be completely sure. Where we have been asked to help, but feel a dog is more likely to be a Griffon or GWP, we work with other groups such as GWP Need UK Home, Griffon Rescue, Griffon Adoption UK and Adopt-A-Griffon. In these cases we help with logistics but not financially – the relevant organisations pay the dogs’ transport fees.
These are all excellent organisations who do great work and deserve support.
Occasionally if there is no relevant group available, we help dogs as individuals and in this case, costs are paid by the adopter – we assist with logistics as individuals, not financially as SOFA.

Here’s a few of the lovely dogs that have been helped in this way.