Spinone rescue news

Rescues from Rome – the story so far

In February we began to fundraise to support the rescue of a group of Spinoni near Rome.
For the dogs’ safety we would still like to remain discreet about the details and would ask those of you who are aware of it not to post names.

From your generosity, we were able to get some funds to Italy which helped getting them in to a better environment and to treat the many health and behavioural issues they have.

They are mostly bitches from an abusive breeding situation. They have not been worked. The four youngest dogs, 2 girls & 2 boys had little human contact and were terrified of their own shadows. They will need to be homed with a calm and confident dog. The older dogs vary considerably in their confidence levels

Sadly one of the boys died of torsion – run free, Leopoldo :'( – but the others are improving in foster care.

Their story so far:

All of the dogs were in an extremely neglected state.

Very sad and scared on being seized by the police


A better life is coming for this sweetheart


Melania arrives, badly in need of care.


Her coat was terribly matted and had to be clipped away.


Melania must be feeling a little more comfortable without the matted coat, but terribly thin.


Released into foster care

They are now doing much better with the tireless foster care of the Italian volunteers, and are ready for re-homing. All of them need experienced homes but on the whole they have recovered well.

UPDATE – All are now safely homed 🙂

Thanks as always for your generous support – we will post more information as available.

You can read more about our fundraising and financial details here.